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A video by several Dartmouth students and alumni with the Center for Environmental Leadership Training (CELT) shows how they are teaming with tribal leaders to advance clean energy and smart farming. This initiative, an outgrowth of a Nov. 2013 meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working  Group hosted by Dartmouth College, is working to promote clean hydropower for Alaskan Native villages, solar power generated biodiesel on tribal lands, drip irrigation in the Navajo Nation, a Virtual Youth Forum on Climate Change, and an Arctic Survival Challenge game (read more)



Indigenous climate change adaptation in the Arctic
Climate Institute Graduate Research Fellow Minttu LiuhtoResearch by Minttu Liuhto, a Climate Institute Graduate Research Fellow, shows that traditional ways of life among the Sami people of northern Scandinavia are increasingly threatened by climate change. Successful adaptation to a warming arctic climate will require greater political and economic self-determination for the Sami, as well as a concerted effort to preserve their traditional knowledge and culture. Read the full article here. Read the full article here.

Sir Crispin Tickell

See Interview on October 20, 2014, of Sir Crispin Tickell by Sian Hansen, Executive Director, Legatum lnstitute, during Conference on "London and the Evolution of Suburbia."

Sir Crispin Tickell, Chairman of the Climate Institute, gave a speech on April 11, 2013: The Human Future, at Arizona State University in April as part of the Wrigley Lecture Series. Please click to view the full video.

Charles Bayless named chair of ACAR

Climate Change,
-- Will the question be, "How could we have let this happen?"-- by Charles Bayless, Chairman of the ACAR Steering Committee.

Also, see his videos on climate change.

From Center for American Progress: Saving the Arctic - The Urgent Need to Cut Black Carbon Emissions and Slow Climate Change

"The United States should lead ambitious national, regional, and global efforts on climate change and black carbon reduction to slow rapid warming in the Arctic, protect millions of lives, improve food security, and safeguard our planet for future generations when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry becomes chair of the Arctic Council in 2015." Read more →